Dope Music Thursday: Relight My Fire / Dan Hartman

(Loleatta Holloway)
Strong enough to walk on through the night (yeah)
There’s a new day on the other side (yeah)
You got to have hope in your soul
Just keep on walkin’ yeah, just keep on walkin’ yeah


Relight my fire is once of the best Chicago Dance classic and all around disco songs ever.  Originally released in 1979 (wow I was 5… geez), it was a follow-up song to “Instant Replay”.   Strings and horns courtesy of MFSB and the conductor was Don Renaldo, of MFSB.  The 12 inch version has a 4.5 minute intro called Vertigo and it is the best intro to a song that has ever been written. The vocals were put down by legendary Chicagoan – Loleatta Halloway!

When I hear this song I am reminded of the lat 80’s in Chicago when all the high school kids partied at the Bismarck, Sauers and AKA’s.  It was a great time to be alive, to be exposed to so much great music and to dance like no one was watching!!! Enjoy!


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