“Too Black, Too Strong”, elementary students told they could not write about Malcolm X

Martin Luther King Jr & Malcolm X meet for the first and only time. Both would be assassinated in…

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She is simply beautiful – @Efabulous1


Chiricahuah Apache prisoner of war Isabelle Perico Enjady, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. ca. 1900.

NAPCAN, “Children See. Children Do”

As a parent, you are a role model. You are in a role of influence. You must think wisely about your actions. If your children, see your actions they repeat them. They learn by example. NAPCAN, “Children See. Children Do” – YouTube 

NAPCAN, “Children See. Children Do”

You have to be radical in order to Institute change! Especially when the masses at the time are marginalizing your humanity. #BlackHistory #American #AmericanHistory #intelligensia #WEBDuBois #America

Books and harvesting knowledge is important…. So important.


A slave who died more than 200 years ago in Connecticut but was never buried has finally been given a funeral and will be laid to rest.

A brilliant end to a life of servitude… Rest In Peace.

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