Indoor / Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt

I have a 4 year old with the energy of a 400m sprinter. She loves a good indoor scavenger hunt and I love it too. Lots of smiles to go around. So here’s one made by us for you and your little one. Enjoy!  @TwoDopeMoms_IndoorScavengerHunt1

DopeMomsTech… Blackberry Torch 9810 versus Nokia Lumia 900

I write to you from Soma Sushi…. do not judge me!

Torch 9810 versus Nokia 900… put through the social media whore maven test that is known as a day in the social media life of @Efabulous1.

Although I am totally biased to Blackberry, Nokia is kicking ass and taking names. So let me elaborate. It’s Huge! No the screen silly… Dirty. That screen on the Nokia is amazingly clear and huge. I love surfing the net on it. Though I think Microsoft’s decision to force Bing on me is a real tech communist move. Helllllllllllo…. Google. I want Google search on my Windows phone. Yes, it is like having Magic Mike … but wanting to spoon. Mommy joke…1 and 2nd Magic Mike reference in 24 hrs. Lol. I digress. Nokia flogged the Torch on the browser, but if I cannot get Google or the search engine of my choice … one sneaky point back to RIM.

Torch has SocialScope which is still one of the best combo facebook / twitter clients for BB ever. The fact that you can combine up to two Twitter streams, your FB feed, post to any and all FB pages and check in on Foursquare ( when it works…. because it never damn works for me… and I could be planting roses right under a cancerous cell tower… no worky, fix that SocialScope!!!!!).  Anyway, SocialScope kicking ass taking names… plus Hootsuite is in BB… and in my book,that is the only other app to touch the Scope.

Nokia has Seesmic and TweetCaster…. but they suck on the wp7 platform. They are mediocre and you cannot move through trends and hashtags like a leopard… more like an alley cat with ticks. 

Now Nokia has Twitter, but I cannot randomly search these insane hashtags my friends come up with… and though it is not a business priority, it improves my quality of like tremendously… for heavens sake, I am divorcing I need to laugh people.  I want my hashtags at my feet. BB has this covered, right from anywhere…. very impressed with the Twitter integration. Nokia… you must do better or some raging and overzealous WP7-head has to school me… because the 900 has no moxie in this area.

Switching through apps… Point to Nokia. It is incredibly easy and BB takes another Flogging. Now the Nokia can be pretty annoying because to clear your open apps, I find myself hitting the back button like a 4 year old. … And yes, she hits the back button faster than me… shut up, I am 39 and just got off coffee. Judgemental, you… yes. Stop. Lol.

Everything SkyDrive … point to Nokia. BB definitely competes, as I used my SkyDrive first on my Torch, but it looks better on a Windows Phone… hands down.

Important stuff…Calendar on Nokia sucks. Making recurring items, sucks even more…. triple sec points to Torch 9810. Windows need to really step their game up…. business peopke and moms need dates, make appointments, do future planning… if I cannot program playdate for moms on every 3rd Saturday on a whim… problem.

Live tiles rock, team Nokia.

… so now that the hit sake has kicked in… Business of Social Media Guru…. Blackberry Torch 9810 reigns supreme. Personal toy of an entrepreneur dabbling in social media…. Nokia.

I will keep both phones and pray that BB10 comes out before my 40th birthday.

That is all.

No more caffeine… F#ck me.


Oh the agony of it, no more coffee today is my last coffee forever. I have had 2 venti(s) and a Grande. I am done. I better have some sushi now…. I am fucking hungry and I have the shakes… Like Gator on Jungle Fever.

Life is cruel.
Why me, why now?

Oh, its not healthy for you anymore… Uh, it was not healthy for me to begin with… But I drank it… Like I drank vodka. Vodka is not healthy either you 30 something, children-less women doctors with abs and a sex drive… Kick tocks.

So the angry but stunningly beautiful me, I sit in the chair of life defeated with honey scrub in my shins…

Contemplating my new life without coffee.


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DopeMusic… Strings of Life by Rhythm is Rhythm

If you don’t know the song “Strings of Life” you were born after 2000 and your parents could possibly be Quakers (not that there is anything wrong with that…)

Strings of life is quite possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of dance music ever create in our lifetime.  There is NOTHING that touches the sides of this piece of music.  So to kick off our DopeMusic Thursdays… (by yours truly @Efabulous1 aka @DJEfabulous aka we are going to introduce you to STRINGS OF LIFE.


Rhythim Is Rhythim ‎– Strings Of Life

Considered a classic in both the house and techno genres, “Strings Of Life” is the most recognizable and well-known song in Derrick May’s repertoire. It is based on a piano sequence by May’s then-friend Michael James, and was originally at 80 BPM before May increased the tempo, chopped it up into loops, and added percussion and string samples.

There were five official versions of the song. The first two were released in 1987: the famous 7:23 mix called “Strings Of Life (Piano Mix)” or just “Strings Of Life”, and a 6:56 remix called “Strings (Flam-Boy-Ant Mix)” or just “Strings”. In 1989, two new remixes were licensed exclusively to UK & European labels: a Juan Atkins remix called “Strings Of Life ’89 (Juan’s Magic Mix)”, and an uncredited remix called “Strings of Life (Exclusive Remix)” (issued on a split release with Model 500). In 1991, an 8:23 kick drum-free version titled “Strings Of Life (Unreleased Mix)”, “Strings Of Life (Remix)”, or “Strings Of The Strings Of Life” first appeared, and featured additional production by Carl Craig & Derrick May. This mix was “unreleased” in the sense that it was new at the time and was never officially released on a single; only on compilations.

Numerous compilations feature early fades and other space-saving edits of the original 1987 Piano Mix, the 1989 Exclusive Remix, and the 1991 Unreleased Mix.


Now, I must interject… EVERYONE FROM CHICAGO CONSIDERS STRING OF LIFE HOUSE MUSIC… HANDS DOWN. It is officially labelled techno all over the world, but for us it will always be “house”.



Diet for @TwoDopeMoms

@TwoDopeMoms needs your cheers and encouragement, we need to get uber healthy so we can stay “dope”. Yes.. that was corny but effective… as you were!


The time is now! @TwoDopeMoms are going for “broke”… we are making HEALTH the new WEALTH.  That’s our new campaign. Healthy is sexy! Eating well is a gift! We are trying to master our destiny of fitting into sexy cocktail dresses for New Years and beyond. Come cheer us on via our Pinterest board: … as we post our diets, feelings, recipes, progress and the fact that you have an iPhone (Spark People) versus Blackberry/ Nokia 900 ( war brewing in the midst. We welcome your comments, your tips, your help…

You don’t know anything about life until you live it…

So I’m getting a divorce. …and we will leave it at that for details. LOL!  Yet, I found myself back tracking over my entire life. Then with some stellar counseling and some awesome friends I am encouraged to know that you cannot change the past and we don’t know much about life until we live it…. so focus on the future and keep on living.  I woke up today with that on my mind and things seem to click. I seemed to feel better about all that was around me because I’m actually a pretty lucky girl. I have an awesome daughter, fabulous friends, dynamic family, gainfully employed and I can PIN like nobody’s business. Life is good.

So yes, we get knocked down with twist and turns, bumps and bruises…. but you had no idea it was coming and now that you’ve over the hump… keep living.

The healing element of water.

It is wonderful. Water. I am actually blogging from the beach. Being here has made me feel whole and alive. Maybe because I am a Pisces… Or maybe I just need to be healed. I am here at the sea and I feel overcome with hope and happiness. It has also made me realize I have been missing out on living … I have been existing in a large vacuum for too long. There is a great element of God and spirituality in the water… And I welcome the chance to be renewed.

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Everyday is a WIN…

I am thankful for my daughter.
I am thankful for my real friends.
I am thankful for my mind and education.
I am thankful for my willingness to love and accept others.
I am thankful for being alive, no matter how much pain I am suffering now.

Even in the darkness of the night, when the devil lurks to fertilize for mind with depression and sadness… There is a great POWER in calling out what made you happy, so you know the day… A day out of your life was not a total loss.

Everyday is a WIN… I am slowly learning.

Everyday is a WIN.

Tonight I am thankful for…

A loving daughter with eyes that melt your soul and hugs that mend the heart. She is the greatest blessing…

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RT @lolojones: Greatness finds us by obs

RT @lolojones: Greatness finds us by obstacles in front of us. I don’t look at hurdles as obstacles blocking my path but opportunities to overcome

And what I made next…..

Today seemed excruciating. The world seemed to have spun lowly on it’s axis. I shutter.

..then cue the daughter.

I was sitting drink tea in the library, she comes in and suggests we use coasters. Clever girl.

Then she goes through every piece of artwork she made for me in the past year.

Each piece she made, she made with love and it was like magic having her go through each piece….

It was like music to my ears to hear…and what I made next…

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