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45 Books to Teach Children About Black History

Black History Month presents a wonderful opportunity to teach your children about the incredible accomplishments of Black men and women in America and abroad. Here’s a collection of non-fiction and historical fiction books to help children learn about a past that should be highlighted far beyond these 28 days each year.

45 Books to Teach Children About Black History

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@parenting: Tearjerker >> What no one tells you about raising a daughter, according to @becauseofjackie: via TweetCaster

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Being a mom and its social and political impact… What are your thoughts?

@msnbc: How does being a mom impact women as social and political actors? Sign up for the #NerdlandChallenge to find out: via TweetCaster

Being a mom and its social and political impact… What are your thoughts?

NAPCAN, “Children See. Children Do”

As a parent, you are a role model. You are in a role of influence. You must think wisely about your actions. If your children, see your actions they repeat them. They learn by example. NAPCAN, “Children See. Children Do” – YouTube 

NAPCAN, “Children See. Children Do”

Lead and love by example…

Mobile Web – Lifestyle – Parents play important role in personal finance education

Mobile Web – Lifestyle – Parents play important role in personal finance education

I love those candid sweet smiles.

Lord knows I am a good mother, so why…. why do I feel like I will never have enough to give to make my kid be able to dominate and be successful in the  real world.

It happens more often than not, I compare myself to other women’s situation. At 40, I know you should never do that.  YOU CANNOT WALK 2 FREAKING CENTIMETERS IN ANOTHER WOMAN’S SHOES.

So why, why do I do it?
Answer: I feel inadequate.
Why:  I was married. I had done all this cool stuff. I had what society told me was the perfect nuclear family. I had a beautiful baby.

I perfect hid my clinical depression, broken life and ultimately my broken heart.

Now what would I be able to give my daughter? Divorced mom, with just a bachelors and a long hyphenated-name.

Sometimes, I feel that I am not the best mom I can be … and I feel that my daughter will not be in the talented tenth and be able to compete.

Am I projecting?
… and long.

I wasn’t supposed to make it.  The impoverished, scrawny African American girl from the bowels of the South Side of Chicago aka 79th Street.  I wasn’t supposed to want to travel the world, leave the country, have a fairy tale romance, a great education, a dynamic resume and life stories that would make you think I was a bootleg Kennedy. I guess I always knew I was special… and now that I’ve had this grand life, I want my daughter’s life to be this and more….


Yet, how can I give her the world, the oyster, the stars and moon and I have NO WEALTH. Income is not wealth. I have an income. I have no wealth.  …And as a single African American woman, I am on the bottom of the totem pole for wealth distribution.




I won’t let my daughter have a mediocre life. I didn’t birth her from my loins for mediocrity. Regular people make the world go round and us Armour girls… well we freaking make the world spin around faster when you engage us.

I just want her to be the greater me that I could have been had my parents stayed together, had society not marginalized little Black girls into being either spiritually castrated by the Black church or demoralized in the white supremacist’s slave fantasy.  I want her to be the greater me had my mother stood by me during my teenage years with care and love, instead of emotionally abandoning me and reducing me a lone and lonely soul.

I just want her to be GREATER THAN ME.

Listen, I’m not a freaking ungrateful bastard of a woman. I know that I am so Blessed compared to how I grew up and how some people live now. You don’t think I know that… you’ve listened to me whinge and moan and now you want me to stop.

F*** you.
Wanting excellence is not something that stops until it’s achieved.
Maybe that’s my problem.
I’ve let myself down.

Queue the Talking Heads song.

I guess this rant is a plea for help. A plea for sanity. A letter to myself to say, @Efabulous1 … you are no more worse or better than any other mother that wants the absolute best for their kid.  Perhaps these words are supposed to manifest themselves into a self hug, manifest themselves into being more self aware and less self critical.

God gave me this life, one life… and I just have to make damn sure I give her all the best with all I have all the time until I call her up on the phone, smiling and say…

Babe, I gave you everything I have… and mommy is still here standing always having your back.

… Now give me my sake and turn the radio up!


All the bleep,  bleep,  bleeping,  bleep…. Time.  Nasty dirty dishes.. And people wonder why I am sad.  It’s because the basic level of decency to help,  to contribute,  to care is not there. 

Hail to the hyenas… One born every minute.

The Vet
Lad and the fat cat

We love “Bob Books”.  Have my little read to me has been a fascinating process for me. Watching how imperative and how positive reading has had on my child is amazing.  I am so glad my parents read to me,  because it’s second nature for me to read to my child. 

The ramifications of not doing your duty as a parent is so soul crushing,  a true parent who loves their child has no choice but to do their best,  love unconditionally and give their all. 

There are too many screwed up humans on the planet,  make an awesome one…

We agree. Sincerely, @chicagomom72 and @efabulous1

Never be afraid to apologize to your child. If you lose your temper and say something in anger that wasn’t meant to be said, apologize. Children need to know that adults can admit when they are wrong.

American Humane Society (via maninsun)

This is so very true. Children need to know… we all are human.

Ten free LEARNING websites for kids:

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@Efabulous1 & Lfab’s personal favorites:  StarFall, PBS Kids and Storyline Online