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Monkey Math School Sunshine and Your Kid!

Monkey Math School Sunshine >> Your kid is going to love this app. …and to my dismay, it’s not available on Blackberry. However, you can get it on iTunes, Google Play, Windows and you can download it to your Nook. It’s awesome and my 4 year old loves it.

Monkey Math School Sunshine

Monkey Math School Sunshine

Indoor / Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt

I have a 4 year old with the energy of a 400m sprinter. She loves a good indoor scavenger hunt and I love it too. Lots of smiles to go around. So here’s one made by us for you and your little one. Enjoy!  @TwoDopeMoms_IndoorScavengerHunt1

Tonight I am thankful for…

A loving daughter with eyes that melt your soul and hugs that mend the heart. She is the greatest blessing…

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You can do this..

Single mommy hood is scary. Especially when it is not your choice, the guy walks away. Yet the universe knows how strong you are even when you don’t know, yourself.

Tell yourself “YOU CAN DO IT”.

Let the smile of your children motivate you to greatness.

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Single parent – Wikipedia, Definition

Single parent – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Mozilla Firefox … I found this to be a very interesting read. What are your thoughts?