The one thing about adulthood is that you get to live by your own rules, you set the standard and tone for your home. Leave a pillow on the floor, be imperfect and perfectly happy. Perfection is a joke, we are all humans. …. Which means on a human level perfection is impossible.

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DopeMusic … 10 year anniversary of the party in Belgium

You are looking around saying to yourself, why wasn’t I invited. Why is this party important?
Well, hell…. I (@Efabulous1) am a DJ… okay now I’m back to being an “at home” / “bedroom” DJ. However, I used to be a spinning vinyl, out a clubs party all night DJ. I have a keen neurosis for music and if you ever want to follow me, find me on Twitter at @DJEfabulous or Facebook at
I digress…. the party that changed my life.

10 years ago on September 14, 2002, a wonderful, talented DJ / Producer by the name of Red D aka Bart Van Neste invited me to Beligium to play.  I played along him and one of my favorite British DJs – Martin Red. I wasn’t spectacular, mainly because that was the day I met my husband. It was a very magical time for me.  I flew across an ocean, met the love of my life, made some friends I’ve now had for 10 years and it started a love story that lasted 9 years and 3  months.

In honor of those 10 years, I’d like to dedicate @TwoDopeMoms DopeMusic Thursday to my favorite DJs – Red D & Martin Red.  We have all prepared mixes in celebration of our 10 year anniversary playing together.  All you readers, music lovers and house music fans are definitely in for a TREAT.

Christmas come early to your ears boys and girls!



Twitter:  @DJRedDBeligum



Sure, I could say that I was influenced by *insert credible genre of music here* or that I got my big break at *insert name of credible legendary but now closed club here*, but who really needs to know? Let’s just say that when playing some records, throwing the odd party and running a bit of a label, the following things might have been important in some way: DJ Hooligan, Music Man, Tina Turner, new beat, Boccaccio, rave, trance, Paul Van Dyk, Cherry Moon, Cirao, DJ Phi-Phi, high school party needing a dj, Nonkel Frans, tape trading, Love Parade, Fuse, Detroit, techno, Benoelie & Biens, Chicago, house, Cajual,Silo, Derrick Carter, Kinky People, Clues, Deinze, Decadance, internet, E-bay,Discogs, Rare Records in Eindhoven, Gangstarr, DEMF/Movement, Tyree Cooper, We Play House, Scott Ferguson, Reggie Dokes, Lady Linn, disco, Rendez-Fou, Sunday Matinee, Larry Heard, Charlatan, San Soda, Charles Webster, We Play House Recordings, Eenders Halle, Tomorrowland, FihP, Panorama Bar, copywriting & Music Mania.

All the rest you can ask me whilst having a beer together, or you could just come and listen when I play.
Kinky Top Mix – Red D





Martin has been into music from an early age, being the youngest of four brothers. Amongst the stronger influences; jazz, soul, funk, disco, hip hop, electro, new wave, punk, reggae.

He found House music when it first landed in the UK in the mid eighties. Rather than take through his music background, perhaps start from when he started working.

He started working as a DJ professionally in 1989; he was doing bars such as Notes Bar and 49ers in Birmingham. He also did a Saturday night dance show on a Pirate station. Fresh FM was ran by two parts of The Constructive Trio. These DJ’s formed a big part of the initial House scene that took off in the midlands, during the mid 80’s.

He started doing his first weekly club residency at The Hummingbird on A Friday night, he would play to a crowd of 2000 – 3000, along with other residents they also had great guests. This led to many all nighters and one off venues also. He continued doing Fridays and Saturday all dayers at Notes Bar.

Martin started organizing his own night in 1990; this was the first weekly nights at Shelleys in Longton, Stoke On Trent, UK. 28th June 1990, opening guest was Evil Eddie Richards (Jolly Roger). Other guests over time included Derrick May, Colin Dale, Dave Angel.

As the profile on a flyer from a Kinky People party in Belgium stated “judicial troubles.. nothing was going to stop this man easily his love of music was far too strong”

Worked in many clubs and cities over the past years. He has always remained into music over commercialism. Yet, still possessing a good eye for a venues atmosphere requirements.

Kinky People – Martin Red



Twitter:  @DJEfabulous




Bipedal primate with a neurosis for good music…

A native of the Chicago \”South Side”\ with skills groomed by the New York dance culture, DJ Efabulous dishes out serious cerebral blends. Her selection of Chicago Classics, New York Loft Classics, Afro beats and Electro music, shows that good music is universal. She brings a harmonious / utopian mix that is pleasing to one’s ear. Her residency list includes: Vinyl Lab Productions / Bar XVI; Classic Tuesdays / Parlay Lounge; Spotlight Sessions / Recess Bar; Foreplay Fridays / NOCA; Open Du Jour / Glass. Her guest appearances includes: Mixed Tape Sessions / Halcyon / New York; Kinky People / Belgium; Procreation Music / Liquid Lounge / Birmingham, England and Rocksteady & Floatation Music / Village / West Midlands, England, Selfridges / England. From Chicago, to New York to England to Houston… DJ Efabulous has traveled the world with her unique interpretation of dance music.

Kinky Fab – DJEfabulous



There you have it.. great dj(s), bound by one awesome party, lovers of good music for life and friends.  Life is good and it’s proof positive you never know who you will meet in life, where they are from and where just a chance meeting could take you.




Qwerty training begins in the home…

Lol… Yes I am one of those loyal Blackberry users that keeps RIM afloat. So of course any thing that has a qwerty keyboard and also helps my 4 year old learn her ABC’s is a winner.

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Dope Music Thursday: Relight My Fire / Dan Hartman

(Loleatta Holloway)
Strong enough to walk on through the night (yeah)
There’s a new day on the other side (yeah)
You got to have hope in your soul
Just keep on walkin’ yeah, just keep on walkin’ yeah


Relight my fire is once of the best Chicago Dance classic and all around disco songs ever.  Originally released in 1979 (wow I was 5… geez), it was a follow-up song to “Instant Replay”.   Strings and horns courtesy of MFSB and the conductor was Don Renaldo, of MFSB.  The 12 inch version has a 4.5 minute intro called Vertigo and it is the best intro to a song that has ever been written. The vocals were put down by legendary Chicagoan – Loleatta Halloway!

When I hear this song I am reminded of the lat 80’s in Chicago when all the high school kids partied at the Bismarck, Sauers and AKA’s.  It was a great time to be alive, to be exposed to so much great music and to dance like no one was watching!!! Enjoy!


Monkey Math School Sunshine and Your Kid!

Monkey Math School Sunshine >> Your kid is going to love this app. …and to my dismay, it’s not available on Blackberry. However, you can get it on iTunes, Google Play, Windows and you can download it to your Nook. It’s awesome and my 4 year old loves it.

Monkey Math School Sunshine

Monkey Math School Sunshine

Pinboards of the hearts, PDF to your mind

When you love from the heart, there are some special moments. Moments when the universe tells you in your soul… I brought you two together for this moment. You feel as though everything you’ve ever done lead us to this moment and you never want it to end. … For some that moment lasts a life time, for some its fleeting.

I now look at my 10 year relationship and 8.75 years of marriage as a pinboard of my heart. You choose special memories to fill your board up and tell a beautiful story, choose not to fill it up with the ugliness of the “End” or the “fairytale” and lies of the beginning. Fill your board up with those authentic, surreal, touching, special moments where the universe told you in your soul… I brought you two together for these moments.

Take your board and frame it as a PDF in your mind. Then delete it from your heart. Smile, laugh and cry when you mentally retrieve your pinboard and relive those astounding moments of love.

This will allow you to forgive and if some of us are ever lucky enough… To love again.

… As I struggle to let my Pinboard of the heart go… I send wishes of peace, fairness, kindness and the restoration of joy to those walking the path with me.


Indoor / Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt

I have a 4 year old with the energy of a 400m sprinter. She loves a good indoor scavenger hunt and I love it too. Lots of smiles to go around. So here’s one made by us for you and your little one. Enjoy!  @TwoDopeMoms_IndoorScavengerHunt1

DopeMomsTech… Blackberry Torch 9810 versus Nokia Lumia 900

I write to you from Soma Sushi…. do not judge me!

Torch 9810 versus Nokia 900… put through the social media whore maven test that is known as a day in the social media life of @Efabulous1.

Although I am totally biased to Blackberry, Nokia is kicking ass and taking names. So let me elaborate. It’s Huge! No the screen silly… Dirty. That screen on the Nokia is amazingly clear and huge. I love surfing the net on it. Though I think Microsoft’s decision to force Bing on me is a real tech communist move. Helllllllllllo…. Google. I want Google search on my Windows phone. Yes, it is like having Magic Mike … but wanting to spoon. Mommy joke…1 and 2nd Magic Mike reference in 24 hrs. Lol. I digress. Nokia flogged the Torch on the browser, but if I cannot get Google or the search engine of my choice … one sneaky point back to RIM.

Torch has SocialScope which is still one of the best combo facebook / twitter clients for BB ever. The fact that you can combine up to two Twitter streams, your FB feed, post to any and all FB pages and check in on Foursquare ( when it works…. because it never damn works for me… and I could be planting roses right under a cancerous cell tower… no worky, fix that SocialScope!!!!!).  Anyway, SocialScope kicking ass taking names… plus Hootsuite is in BB… and in my book,that is the only other app to touch the Scope.

Nokia has Seesmic and TweetCaster…. but they suck on the wp7 platform. They are mediocre and you cannot move through trends and hashtags like a leopard… more like an alley cat with ticks. 

Now Nokia has Twitter, but I cannot randomly search these insane hashtags my friends come up with… and though it is not a business priority, it improves my quality of like tremendously… for heavens sake, I am divorcing I need to laugh people.  I want my hashtags at my feet. BB has this covered, right from anywhere…. very impressed with the Twitter integration. Nokia… you must do better or some raging and overzealous WP7-head has to school me… because the 900 has no moxie in this area.

Switching through apps… Point to Nokia. It is incredibly easy and BB takes another Flogging. Now the Nokia can be pretty annoying because to clear your open apps, I find myself hitting the back button like a 4 year old. … And yes, she hits the back button faster than me… shut up, I am 39 and just got off coffee. Judgemental, you… yes. Stop. Lol.

Everything SkyDrive … point to Nokia. BB definitely competes, as I used my SkyDrive first on my Torch, but it looks better on a Windows Phone… hands down.

Important stuff…Calendar on Nokia sucks. Making recurring items, sucks even more…. triple sec points to Torch 9810. Windows need to really step their game up…. business peopke and moms need dates, make appointments, do future planning… if I cannot program playdate for moms on every 3rd Saturday on a whim… problem.

Live tiles rock, team Nokia.

… so now that the hit sake has kicked in… Business of Social Media Guru…. Blackberry Torch 9810 reigns supreme. Personal toy of an entrepreneur dabbling in social media…. Nokia.

I will keep both phones and pray that BB10 comes out before my 40th birthday.

That is all.

No more caffeine… F#ck me.


Oh the agony of it, no more coffee today is my last coffee forever. I have had 2 venti(s) and a Grande. I am done. I better have some sushi now…. I am fucking hungry and I have the shakes… Like Gator on Jungle Fever.

Life is cruel.
Why me, why now?

Oh, its not healthy for you anymore… Uh, it was not healthy for me to begin with… But I drank it… Like I drank vodka. Vodka is not healthy either you 30 something, children-less women doctors with abs and a sex drive… Kick tocks.

So the angry but stunningly beautiful me, I sit in the chair of life defeated with honey scrub in my shins…

Contemplating my new life without coffee.


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Diet for @TwoDopeMoms

@TwoDopeMoms needs your cheers and encouragement, we need to get uber healthy so we can stay “dope”. Yes.. that was corny but effective… as you were!


The time is now! @TwoDopeMoms are going for “broke”… we are making HEALTH the new WEALTH.  That’s our new campaign. Healthy is sexy! Eating well is a gift! We are trying to master our destiny of fitting into sexy cocktail dresses for New Years and beyond. Come cheer us on via our Pinterest board: … as we post our diets, feelings, recipes, progress and the fact that you have an iPhone (Spark People) versus Blackberry/ Nokia 900 ( war brewing in the midst. We welcome your comments, your tips, your help…

You don’t know anything about life until you live it…

So I’m getting a divorce. …and we will leave it at that for details. LOL!  Yet, I found myself back tracking over my entire life. Then with some stellar counseling and some awesome friends I am encouraged to know that you cannot change the past and we don’t know much about life until we live it…. so focus on the future and keep on living.  I woke up today with that on my mind and things seem to click. I seemed to feel better about all that was around me because I’m actually a pretty lucky girl. I have an awesome daughter, fabulous friends, dynamic family, gainfully employed and I can PIN like nobody’s business. Life is good.

So yes, we get knocked down with twist and turns, bumps and bruises…. but you had no idea it was coming and now that you’ve over the hump… keep living.

The healing element of water.

It is wonderful. Water. I am actually blogging from the beach. Being here has made me feel whole and alive. Maybe because I am a Pisces… Or maybe I just need to be healed. I am here at the sea and I feel overcome with hope and happiness. It has also made me realize I have been missing out on living … I have been existing in a large vacuum for too long. There is a great element of God and spirituality in the water… And I welcome the chance to be renewed.

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Everyday is a WIN…

I am thankful for my daughter.
I am thankful for my real friends.
I am thankful for my mind and education.
I am thankful for my willingness to love and accept others.
I am thankful for being alive, no matter how much pain I am suffering now.

Even in the darkness of the night, when the devil lurks to fertilize for mind with depression and sadness… There is a great POWER in calling out what made you happy, so you know the day… A day out of your life was not a total loss.

Everyday is a WIN… I am slowly learning.

Everyday is a WIN.

Tonight I am thankful for…

A loving daughter with eyes that melt your soul and hugs that mend the heart. She is the greatest blessing…

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And what I made next…..

Today seemed excruciating. The world seemed to have spun lowly on it’s axis. I shutter.

..then cue the daughter.

I was sitting drink tea in the library, she comes in and suggests we use coasters. Clever girl.

Then she goes through every piece of artwork she made for me in the past year.

Each piece she made, she made with love and it was like magic having her go through each piece….

It was like music to my ears to hear…and what I made next…

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