45 Books to Teach Children About Black History

Black History Month presents a wonderful opportunity to teach your children about the incredible accomplishments of Black men and women in America and abroad. Here’s a collection of non-fiction and historical fiction books to help children learn about a past that should be highlighted far beyond these 28 days each year.

45 Books to Teach Children About Black History

Stem kits… Cool

The Vet
Lad and the fat cat

We love “Bob Books”.  Have my little read to me has been a fascinating process for me. Watching how imperative and how positive reading has had on my child is amazing.  I am so glad my parents read to me,  because it’s second nature for me to read to my child. 

Chicken,  fingers,  Mac and cheese…  Why do you always have to say PLEASE?
I Love this book,  my fellow Co-Parent bought this for our daughter when she was 3. She loves it. 

Manners are important… Especially in this society.

Ten free LEARNING websites for kids:

  1. Switcheroo Zoo:  http://www.switcherroozoo.com
  2. Nat Geo for Kids:  http://wwwkids.nationalgeographic.com
  3. Into the Book:  http://www.reading.ecb.org
  4. Seussville:  http://www.seussville.com
  5. ABC YA:  http://www.abcya.com
  6. Fun Brain:  http://www.funbrain.com
  7. PBS Kids:  http://www.pbskids.org
  8. Starfall:  http://www.starfall.com
  9. Storyline Online:  http://www.storyonline.net
  10. Highlights Kids:  http://www.highlightskids.com

@Efabulous1 & Lfab’s personal favorites:  StarFall, PBS Kids and Storyline Online

Qwerty training begins in the home…

Lol… Yes I am one of those loyal Blackberry users that keeps RIM afloat. So of course any thing that has a qwerty keyboard and also helps my 4 year old learn her ABC’s is a winner.

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