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Article: China’s ‘love hunters’ seek brides for picky billionaires

China’s ‘love hunters’ seek brides for picky billionaires

Article: China’s ‘love hunters’ seek brides for picky billionaires

That’s my dog…

Co-Parenting Dogs | What Happens to Dogs When Couples Split? – #LivingWithDogs

That’s my dog…

I was walking outside the house this morning and noticed the tree had given fruit. Last year this time, my life was falling apart and I remember the tree gave fruit and I watched the fruit go rotten. I felt it symbolized how my heart, family and self esteem has rotted away to nothing. I remember my baby girl saying, momma the fruit has gone rotten and eventually after the flies had it… I was forced to pick up the remain. Like I was forced to pick up the remains of my life and start anew. This year, I am still not quite back… Yet in my heart I realize that my own love of self and my baby girl is all I will ever need. Don’t nobody owe me love, but ME. So, this morning I picked that fruit and I took a pretty picture of it. I loving inspected the tree. I thought I had got it all… Then as I took one more walk in the yard, with the sun gleaming… I saw the last fruit. It was a Blessing. The tree lived to bare fruit again even after my neglect, but like my own heart as long as I keep loving myself and my child…. Life shall keep bearing Blessed fruit. That’s one to grow on. #MommyFab #TwoDopeMoms #Efabulous1 #loveyourself


In the Details | 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Neil Patrick Harris

HE IS a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico. In moments of stress, he “reverts in a culinary way” to his home state, turning to chips, salsa, enchiladas, and margaritas.

NOTWITHSTANDING THE impressively agile specimen he is, bounding through a hoop at the 2013 Tonys, his knees are “remarkably crackly going up and down stairs”—a souvenir, he believes, of the physically grueling ’97–’98 touring production of Rent.

HE RETAINS his signature mussed-forward hairstyle with an oversize, ChapStick-like grooming product from Indonesia called a Tancho Tique.

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Photograph by Patrick Ecclesine. 

Scientists find garlic is more effective than antibiotics against food poisoning bacteria. 


Singapore’s Colorful Alkaff “ArtBridge”

For more photos and videos from Singapore’s colorful pedestrian bridge, visit the Alkaff Bridge location page.

The central business district of Singapore is home to the 55-meter, 230-ton Alkaff Bridge. Popularly called Singapore’s ArtBridge, the pedestrian bridge was designed to resemble a tongkang, a traditional boat common to the region.

Built in 1999, the bridge was painted in 2003-2004 by renowned Filipino artist Pacita Abad and a team of paintbrush-wielding rope specialists who transformed it into the vibrant landmark it is today.

In the memory of “Bob”

Until We Meet Again

We think about you always,
we talk about you still,
you have never been forgotten, Dad
and you never will.
We hold you close within our hearts,
and there you will remain,
To walk and guide us through our lives
until we meet again.


Somos você e eu
E sempre foi
E o que sinto por você
Não tem fim Mas você me fez
Te Perseguir
E então você precisa de mim de novo
Quando você cai…
— SOJA – You And Me



Insanely beautiful…. It looks Blissful.



A slave who died more than 200 years ago in Connecticut but was never buried has finally been given a funeral and will be laid to rest.

A brilliant end to a life of servitude… Rest In Peace.

Yes they are…


We like the reflection, lines, and layers in this submission – an exciting visual construction. 

Counter-Form Inorganic Seattle |

“Emailing from Twitter is awesome! When the f*** did this happen?” Answer in my head: Oh yeah, during my long a** soul destroying divorce.

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