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Stem kits… Cool

Rightway: Leaving a financial and parenting legacy

Rightway: Leaving a financial and parenting legacy

Chicken,  fingers,  Mac and cheese…  Why do you always have to say PLEASE?
I Love this book,  my fellow Co-Parent bought this for our daughter when she was 3. She loves it. 

Manners are important… Especially in this society.

The ramifications of not doing your duty as a parent is so soul crushing,  a true parent who loves their child has no choice but to do their best,  love unconditionally and give their all. 

There are too many screwed up humans on the planet,  make an awesome one…

I babysit often and this is one of my favorites: “please stop stabbing your corn, and telling it to die!”

Another anonymous submission. Keep ‘em coming! (via wtfparentingquotes)


We agree. Sincerely, @chicagomom72 and @efabulous1

Never be afraid to apologize to your child. If you lose your temper and say something in anger that wasn’t meant to be said, apologize. Children need to know that adults can admit when they are wrong.

American Humane Society (via maninsun)

This is so very true. Children need to know… we all are human.

Ten free LEARNING websites for kids:

  1. Switcheroo Zoo:
  2. Nat Geo for Kids:
  3. Into the Book:
  4. Seussville:
  5. ABC YA:
  6. Fun Brain:
  7. PBS Kids:
  8. Starfall:
  9. Storyline Online:
  10. Highlights Kids:

@Efabulous1 & Lfab’s personal favorites:  StarFall, PBS Kids and Storyline Online

Article: Build a Jack-o-lantern {classroom management idea}

Build a Jack-o-lantern {classroom management idea}

Article: Build a Jack-o-lantern {classroom management idea}

Yes they are…


Maurice Sendak’s self-portrait and advice to children on art.

Gruffalo… We love you.

The first thing I said to my daughter was…. Hey! It’s great to finally see you, girl. I’ve been waiting! Mommy loves you! … then they took her to the scale to be weighed.

@Efabulous1 (insane but lovable mom of @TwoDopeMoms)

If knowledge is power, should we not share the power with the upcoming generation? Doesn’t that ensure some type of fair and equitable balance in the future? Your thoughts?



Many School administrators have this question: Why schools should adopt and implement technology. Let me start with, Why schools do not?

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