“In a child’s eyes, a mother is a godde

“In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.”
― N.K. Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms


This totally hit home for me. I found this on yogaandsoul.com. (Thanks Rashunda!)
Remember… You are great!

Let’s talk about lipstick…

Source: youmustcreate.tumblr.com via Stephanie on Pinterest

Let’s talk about lipstick…

Hi @Efabulous1 here and I love lipstick. Bright corals, hot reds, mute nudes.  Lips are good and they should be shown off in the best of fashions.

However, I got to wondering what does our lipstick say about us.  When I was younger, if I was feeling “haute” I’d throw on the boldest of reds.  Red and coral against my skin tone create this exciting “pop of color”. When I’m feeling mom-ish, I throw on a nude brown  or beige, almost as if I’m hiding my sexy lips from the world.

So today, I leave you with this question…. WHAT DOES YOUR LIPSTICK COLOR CHOICE SAY ABOUT YOU?

A house is surely a home…

TwoDopeMoms define what to put in your home.


A house is surely a home. It is not about how expensive the things are that you put in it, it is about your soul and your heart being conveyed through your cherished pieces of furniture that make up your abode. We hold dear and near the things we love and they somehow shape who we are and the spirit we create in our home.

Devon, England … beauty and peace abound.

Devon, England

There is a great beauty that is haunting about Devon. The sunset is surreal.  The air is calm and there seems to be peace abound.  I have seen the sunrise over the waters in Devon and it was like looking out into heaven.  Although it has been some time that I have been, I will eventually sojourn back and take my little girl.  I want to expose her to all the beauty in the world.  I want to relive the excitement and appreciation of the beauty of Devon through my child’s eyes.