So beautiful… I would love to stand under the canopy and have a long lingering kiss. Says @Efabulous1


Budapest, Hungary (by Laszlo Gal)


Singapore’s Colorful Alkaff “ArtBridge”

For more photos and videos from Singapore’s colorful pedestrian bridge, visit the Alkaff Bridge location page.

The central business district of Singapore is home to the 55-meter, 230-ton Alkaff Bridge. Popularly called Singapore’s ArtBridge, the pedestrian bridge was designed to resemble a tongkang, a traditional boat common to the region.

Built in 1999, the bridge was painted in 2003-2004 by renowned Filipino artist Pacita Abad and a team of paintbrush-wielding rope specialists who transformed it into the vibrant landmark it is today.


We like the reflection, lines, and layers in this submission – an exciting visual construction. 

Counter-Form Inorganic Seattle |


Happy Friday! Picture yourself here.

Oh to see that “live” would be the 9th wonder of the world to me.  -@Efabulous1


Hardangerfjord, Norway (by bjarne.stokke)

“New York is where I was happiest.  It is where my heart is…”


So absolutely beautiful. It’s like a surreal dream in which you dive into the water and it’s is in fact diving into the sky… the reflection becomes your reality as you drift away to a simpler kind of life. 


Annecy, France (by fede_gen88)

There is something very beautiful about not having to rush anywhere, your only duties for the day is to relax in the sun, be kind to yourself and enjoy your loved ones. Is this not the elixir of a good life of eternal , internal youth? I think so says @Efabulous1.


Lost in the lily pads — A Chinese boatman (L) takes tourists for a ride amongst water lily pads at Zizhuyuan Park, which translates as Purple Bamboo Park, in Beijing on August 12, 2013.  The number of tourists visiting China’s capital fell by more than 14 percent in the first half of this year compared to 2012, with air pollution blamed for the decline. (MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)