So many countless times, I have said this quietly in the car.  The overwhelming load of single motherhood has humbled me, scared me, inspired me, motivated me and sadden me.  I feel as though unlucky in keeping a bad marriage, but Blessed that I was a loving, kind and motivated mom through it all.  

If today you feel that somehow you have fallen short, please do not beat yourself up… YOU ARE DOING THE BEST YOU CAN. 


I got this piece of “soul beauty” from … go visit them and hug your soul! 

NAPCAN, “Children See. Children Do”

As a parent, you are a role model. You are in a role of influence. You must think wisely about your actions. If your children, see your actions they repeat them. They learn by example. NAPCAN, “Children See. Children Do” – YouTube 

NAPCAN, “Children See. Children Do”

Born Freda Josephine McDonald on June 3, 1906, in St. Louis, Missouri, Josephine Baker spent her youth in poverty before learning to dance and finding success on Broadway. In the 1920s she moved to France and soon became one of Europe’s most popular and highest-paid performers. She worked for the French Resistance during World War II, and during the 1950s and ‘60s devoted herself to fighting segregation and racism in the United States.

Josephine Baker died of a cerebral hemorrhage on April 12, 1975, and was buried with military honors.

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Everyone has choices… Choose with a clean heart and prayer as your guide. You are guaranteed to make the right choice. #MommyFab #TwoDopeMoms #Efabulous1 #motivation

Lead and love by example…

Create the habits of being loving, being kind and being excellent and you will see a big change. #MommyFab #TwoDopeMoms #Efabulous1 #motivation #pushforward #habit

You can start over. You can write new chapter. You can create a new destiny everyday. #MommyFab #TwoDopeMoms #Efabulous1 #motivation

Sometimes… You wish reality was make believe.

Feeling grateful, Blessed and joyful. #MommyFab #TwoDopeMoms #Efabulous1

Her name is Jessie. Her birthday is July 1st. This was my baby, before I had my genius progeny. She is cuddles personified. As she unconditionally loves me, I unconditionally love her. Jessie is one of the best things to walk into my life… On four legs. I ❤ you, Jessica aka Jessie aka Jess aka JFabulous. #MommyFab #TwoDopeMoms #JFabulous #Efabulous1

Black History is American History. To deny that is to deny part of the richness of American and the greatest living example of humanity’s triumph over humanity’s ignorance. You will get that in a minute. #MommyFab #TwoDopeMoms #Efabulous1

Divorce: Not Just an End – But a Beginning, Too

Divorce: Not Just an End – But a Beginning, Too


Divorce: Not Just an End – But a Beginning, Too

You must do this…. Its only right.

Pinterest launches ‘Interests’ page where it guesses what you love

Pinterest launches ‘Interests’ page where it guesses what you love Bloglovin’)

Pinterest launches ‘Interests’ page where it guesses what you love