Maslow’s Self-Actualizing

One of my core issues is being No. 1.
I am an only child.
It’s second nature for me to Alpha out… and so when I was 16, I started reading about Maslow’s self-actualization. I found it very comforting because I felt it’s the highest level of humanity in which one could exist and yet exist with the minions of the world.

I’ve gone back to reading it because I realize that we all must be authentic

ic to ourselves, in who we are and I think in my personal quest, self-actualization is the way to go because I know that I never stopped evolving but my knowledge bases has been severely hampered by poor and immature choices.

Also me to share the 2nd point in Maslow’s work:

Maslow, on the basis of a study of persons (living and dead) selected as being self-actualizing persons on the basis of a general definition, described the self-actualizing person as follows, as compared to ordinary or average people (Maslow, 1956):

2. Acceptance of self, others, and nature. Self-actualizing persons are not ashamed or guilty about their human nature, with its shortcoming, imperfections, frailties, and weaknesses. Nor are they critical of these aspects of other people. They respect and esteem themselves and others. Moreover, they are honest, open, genuine, without pose or facade. They are not, however, self-satisfied but are concerned about discrepancies between what is and what might be or should be in themselves, others, and society.


I am working toward this no shame or guilt about the fragility of my own humanity, but no judgement of others. Respecting and esteeming one’s self and other equitably and being authentic.

When you are raw…
when you bleed…
You feel the cold air…
the slightest breeze against your flesh>>>

I imagine that any human being when they are totally raw within their humanity they feel life against their soul and flesh is only a small filter.


What are your thoughts?