Relationships are friendships with an extraordinary cover of #LOVE

The 7 Actual Differences Between Being Single and Being in a Relationship 


I am one bad relationship away from having 30 cats.

Bwwwwwah…. This is the sign for the modern woman.

A reply to a post that woke up my broken heart on @TheDailyLove on September 3, 2012

You cannot control LOVE. It cannot be mapped out on a timeline. It cannot grow with fear. You cannot trick it to stay with hope for what you think you want in the future. Real love is driven by destiny, feeling secure in the uncertainty of your passionate feelings, trust in each other and forgiveness of one another. Do not substitute comfortable for Love. Do not settle and call it Love. Just LOVE one another authentically. If you two cannot move forward by letting your past go and shape a new dynamic love without the baggage of your old relationship. Then take a step back and be authentic about what you really want for yourself and go from that place … Be prepared to be truthful and possibly let each other go… -@Efabulous1 for @TwoDopeMoms