The art of commitment has been lost.  Many people don’t realize the issues you encounter in one relationship you will repeat in another,  unless you work on your issues and re-evaluate where you went wrong. 

The elation of the “greener pastures” wears off and wears thin,  when you realize you have up the person with 80% of your desired qualities for that person that gave you 20% of the fantasy. 

Love could be much simpler,  if we just committed ourselves to stay in love.

You don’t know anything about life until you live it…

So I’m getting a divorce. …and we will leave it at that for details. LOL!  Yet, I found myself back tracking over my entire life. Then with some stellar counseling and some awesome friends I am encouraged to know that you cannot change the past and we don’t know much about life until we live it…. so focus on the future and keep on living.  I woke up today with that on my mind and things seem to click. I seemed to feel better about all that was around me because I’m actually a pretty lucky girl. I have an awesome daughter, fabulous friends, dynamic family, gainfully employed and I can PIN like nobody’s business. Life is good.

So yes, we get knocked down with twist and turns, bumps and bruises…. but you had no idea it was coming and now that you’ve over the hump… keep living.