Monkey Math School Sunshine and Your Kid!

Monkey Math School Sunshine >> Your kid is going to love this app. …and to my dismay, it’s not available on Blackberry. However, you can get it on iTunes, Google Play, Windows and you can download it to your Nook. It’s awesome and my 4 year old loves it.

Monkey Math School Sunshine

Monkey Math School Sunshine

No, you are 3 years old… you cannot have an iPad because your best friend has one! Damn you we are #TeamBlackberry

Tablets and More Tablets

All the tablets in the world!

It started on Tuesday.

I was driving my 3 year old to school and she was playing Alphabet Goop on my Playbook.  The game was going swimmingly. Then, out of no where, out the blue, came 6 words that tore my heart out and made me scream for Jesus to come down and save me now!

My 3 year old said to me “Mommy, can I have an iPad?”

What the hell?

Call an exorcist, my child is possessed by Steve Wonziak… HE’S A WARLOCK, I TELL YOU.

I turned around calmly and said “We are #TeamBlackberry, we don’t need an iPad. Plus, mommy bought you a Nook Color when you turned 3 years old. Theorectically, you have 2 tablets, which are better than an iPad”.

Retort from 3 year old human: “…but Lesley (her BFF) has an iPad!”

The conversation dies down. I put my foot down.

Until this morning… while I was talking to “Granny Marie”, a shrill voice of a naughty 3 year old raised high and mighty during our phone conversation and then uttered the blaspheme of modern ages to #TeamBlackberry….

Mommy, can I have an iPad? I want one.  Lesley has one.

I said no. What will you do with the Nook Color.

Response from small human: I guess I have to close it up.

*blank stare at small child I gave birth to 3 years ago*…. CALL THE EXORCIST! IT’S THE APPLE DEVIL FROM WITHIN!

I thought about it….

I got very quiet….

…then with all the might of a mighty warrior preparing to do battle with the giant cyclops using only stones, I replied….

“go ask your father!”