The recurring theme for 2016 has been “love yourself”. It’s two very simple words and yet the majority of us lack the skill-set needed to complete the task. LOVE YOURSELF.  Love is not only a noun. LOVE IS A VERB. IT IS AN ACTION. As a verb it can be defined as: like very much; find pleasure in.  That the task before us. We need to learn and perpetuate the action of liking ourselves and finding pleasure in our own company. It is by far the most powerful thing we can ever do for our souls.  It is by far the kindness action we can take to heal. Yet, life hardens us to the point that we forget this simple task. This year, put it on your to-do-list, create the habit, indulge… #LOVEYOSELF.

If you are in a relationship and you are sinking, the person watching you SINK due to apathy is helping you DROWN… emotionally, mentally, sexually and physically.

Harness your power of Happiness from within. Use the notion that you are worth passion, adoration, love, kindness, tenderness, partnership, intellectual engagement, laughter, admiration, respect, honesty and honor…. Harness those thoughts and keep afloat knowing you don’t have to settle.

Life is too short, you don’t have to sink… You deserve to float with the sun beaming endlessly on your beautiful face.

That’s one to grow on.

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I was walking outside the house this morning and noticed the tree had given fruit. Last year this time, my life was falling apart and I remember the tree gave fruit and I watched the fruit go rotten. I felt it symbolized how my heart, family and self esteem has rotted away to nothing. I remember my baby girl saying, momma the fruit has gone rotten and eventually after the flies had it… I was forced to pick up the remain. Like I was forced to pick up the remains of my life and start anew. This year, I am still not quite back… Yet in my heart I realize that my own love of self and my baby girl is all I will ever need. Don’t nobody owe me love, but ME. So, this morning I picked that fruit and I took a pretty picture of it. I loving inspected the tree. I thought I had got it all… Then as I took one more walk in the yard, with the sun gleaming… I saw the last fruit. It was a Blessing. The tree lived to bare fruit again even after my neglect, but like my own heart as long as I keep loving myself and my child…. Life shall keep bearing Blessed fruit. That’s one to grow on. #MommyFab #TwoDopeMoms #Efabulous1 #loveyourself