The recurring theme for 2016 has been “love yourself”. It’s two very simple words and yet the majority of us lack the skill-set needed to complete the task. LOVE YOURSELF.  Love is not only a noun. LOVE IS A VERB. IT IS AN ACTION. As a verb it can be defined as: like very much; find pleasure in.  That the task before us. We need to learn and perpetuate the action of liking ourselves and finding pleasure in our own company. It is by far the most powerful thing we can ever do for our souls.  It is by far the kindness action we can take to heal. Yet, life hardens us to the point that we forget this simple task. This year, put it on your to-do-list, create the habit, indulge… #LOVEYOSELF.

: Your Brain and Why It Loves Yoga


Yoga is well-known for its physical benefits and its status as a meditative conduit, but many practitioners tend to overlook some super-serious benefits it has to offer one of the body’s most important organs: the brain. Cognition and other mental functions receive big boosts when yoga becomes a…

: Your Brain and Why It Loves Yoga

Everyday is a WIN…

I am thankful for my daughter.
I am thankful for my real friends.
I am thankful for my mind and education.
I am thankful for my willingness to love and accept others.
I am thankful for being alive, no matter how much pain I am suffering now.

Even in the darkness of the night, when the devil lurks to fertilize for mind with depression and sadness… There is a great POWER in calling out what made you happy, so you know the day… A day out of your life was not a total loss.

Everyday is a WIN… I am slowly learning.

Everyday is a WIN.