Dare you enter the LAUNDRY VIETNAM….

Laundry Vietnam... what a real laundry looks like! Via @TwoDopeMoms

You think you know laundry… YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

Oh you people with these neat laundry rooms on Pinterest… you should be flogged with a gallon of All Free & Clear!  Who are you women with these clean laundry rooms? Are you mad? Are your children tied up in the closet? I want to know your names… you are not normal!  I wash and wash and wash. Then just when I think, I am organized, I am ruler of all that is cotton fiber on a delicate cycle… THERE IS MORE FREAK’N LAUNDRY. Call the army corp, my laundry room dirty undies levee is broke! It’s going to be a flood of cotton boyshort panties attacking my dog in the night. You see the monkey in the picture people, he was washed weeks ago and he’s calling out for my daughter to rescue him for the hell he knows at the Laundry Vietnam.  Marvel at my laundry room you bootleg Stepford Martha Stewart(s), it is a real reflection of bringing home the bacon, frying it up in the pan and have a 3 year old smear it on the pink dress you just bought her on clearance for picture day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not bitter, I’m just observant. LOL!