NAPCAN, “Children See. Children Do”

As a parent, you are a role model. You are in a role of influence. You must think wisely about your actions. If your children, see your actions they repeat them. They learn by example. NAPCAN, “Children See. Children Do” – YouTube 

NAPCAN, “Children See. Children Do”

Devon, England … beauty and peace abound.

Devon, England

There is a great beauty that is haunting about Devon. The sunset is surreal.  The air is calm and there seems to be peace abound.  I have seen the sunrise over the waters in Devon and it was like looking out into heaven.  Although it has been some time that I have been, I will eventually sojourn back and take my little girl.  I want to expose her to all the beauty in the world.  I want to relive the excitement and appreciation of the beauty of Devon through my child’s eyes.