Dark Girls: the documentary

I processed so much from this documentary.  Not only was it well done,  it covered the pathology from colonization… Eloquently.  As a dark girl,  I never learned of colorism until I hit high school.  Colorism was tied into class is.  It was overwhelming.  Yet I had a great sense of self. 

… And that was a common theme… Sense of self.  Then it became apparent that this pathology of colorism continues  or terminates with our parents.

When you are loved,  when you are adored when your parents instill a giant sense of self,  you have an armour of your soul and such ignorance cannot penetrate that great love of self. 

The proliferation of self denigration won’t stop,  society,  institutionalize racism,  privilege,  ignorance and denial will keep the “color wheel” turning. 

However with great parenting and authentic love,  there will be a generation of women will not buy into the cancer of colorism.

Says @efabulous1