Bjork – Amphibian

I originally heard this song when I saw the movie Being John Malkovich. It was during the era that I had recently left Chicago. I was free. I was a young adult of 26 and seemingly sorting out my own discombobulated emotions. 

By this time, I had thrown myself into Bjork.  Yet, it was my best friend in Chicago that had introduced her to me through the Hunter album. So I cannot take the credit for being a well versed alternative music junkie until 1999. 

What strikes me deeply about this song is that there is a slow almost ethereal build up of emotions, yet the melody is “cocoon-like”.  It gently pushes you further along the rhythm and you tend to get lost in the haunting scale of Bjork’s voice. 

What’s so clear is that she is saying “I’ll spend my life, with you.”. 

I had always hoped that love would sneak up on me like that. A slow push to a newer emotional height. Then you turn around and you are lost in this new galaxy of emotions, unable to remember the past and being so happy about it, unsure about the future and being ecstatic about it. 



In the …..


The song seemingly makes love to you, as any audiophile would tell you the levels of sounds and additives to the song are very hypnotic, and the trance in which you find your mind also seems carefully, but violently broken when the song ends.  

Like being in a 3-D hologram and thrust back into a dark reality. 

This is just my opinion says

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