I hadn’t wore my Nike Air football jacket since winter 2011. In Winter 2011, due to my depression, I spent a lot of time in that jacket fantasizing that things would get better and our little family would be okay. It never happened. He left me in April / May 2012. We divorced in April 2013. Fast forward to winter 2013; Yesterday, I wore my jacket and I came home in tears really despondent. I felt a paper in my inside pocket. It was this note from my ex-husband… “I love you”. It was like the notes he used to write me when I first moved to England, when we were inseparable and learning to love each other. I saw this note yesterday, I broke down and cried for hours, alone. I held my jacket tightly with the note in it and laid in my kid’s bed. I guess it was a deep, mourning of the past forever gone… I had to release. I was cuddling the death of the my greatest romance, I was cuddling my past as if to finally say goodbye and I was sad that our relationship was so bad that I never saw this note. What was most ironic is he put it on the inside pocket and that pocket sits next to my heart in my jacket. I want to thank my ex-husband for writing me that note because yesterday I felt alone, abandoned and sick with emotions and even two years and one divorce later… His beautiful little note made me feel LOVED. He still managed to make me feel special and to pierce my heart with a kindness. Thank you Neville, God Bless you old friend! #MommyFab #TwoDopeMoms #Efabulous1 #LOVE #divorce #life

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