I was walking outside the house this morning and noticed the tree had given fruit. Last year this time, my life was falling apart and I remember the tree gave fruit and I watched the fruit go rotten. I felt it symbolized how my heart, family and self esteem has rotted away to nothing. I remember my baby girl saying, momma the fruit has gone rotten and eventually after the flies had it… I was forced to pick up the remain. Like I was forced to pick up the remains of my life and start anew. This year, I am still not quite back… Yet in my heart I realize that my own love of self and my baby girl is all I will ever need. Don’t nobody owe me love, but ME. So, this morning I picked that fruit and I took a pretty picture of it. I loving inspected the tree. I thought I had got it all… Then as I took one more walk in the yard, with the sun gleaming… I saw the last fruit. It was a Blessing. The tree lived to bare fruit again even after my neglect, but like my own heart as long as I keep loving myself and my child…. Life shall keep bearing Blessed fruit. That’s one to grow on. #MommyFab #TwoDopeMoms #Efabulous1 #loveyourself

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