“It just didn’t feel right!”

I had logged onto Circle – Local Network for a second time.  I had tried it once before when no one was on there.  I’m an adult orphan. I am recently divorced and all my close, true and real friends are miles away.  I am just starting to building an entirely new network of friends because I’m a mom and my child is the social butterfly I turned into when I was 21, except she is 5. 

I digress.

Circle… blew me away graphically. Say it with me… prettttttttttty pictures. Oooooooooh.  

Someone just like that … “bling” put me in their circle. 

Hey, who the hell are you?

How do you know me or how do you know anyone who knows me?

I kept trying (mind you this was in a 24 hour period) to be patience and to be understanding.  Then I started seeing these double entendre posts that were making me think I’ve just logged into the mobile app version of “Eyes Wide Shut”. 

I am a mom. Yes, I have a warped sense of humor and I drink wine like my nickname is “Grady”. … However, I am a mom – WITH MORALS. 

And there you have it…. I felt creepy and like my morals were being compromised. It just wasn’t right for me. I met plenty of apps I didn’t like … but this wasn’t right for my life.  It’s a single guy / gals’ dream … mom who just wants to find out if Doc McStuffins is coming to Houston… NOT SO MUCH, EH!

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