DopeMusic … 10 year anniversary of the party in Belgium

You are looking around saying to yourself, why wasn’t I invited. Why is this party important?
Well, hell…. I (@Efabulous1) am a DJ… okay now I’m back to being an “at home” / “bedroom” DJ. However, I used to be a spinning vinyl, out a clubs party all night DJ. I have a keen neurosis for music and if you ever want to follow me, find me on Twitter at @DJEfabulous or Facebook at
I digress…. the party that changed my life.

10 years ago on September 14, 2002, a wonderful, talented DJ / Producer by the name of Red D aka Bart Van Neste invited me to Beligium to play.  I played along him and one of my favorite British DJs – Martin Red. I wasn’t spectacular, mainly because that was the day I met my husband. It was a very magical time for me.  I flew across an ocean, met the love of my life, made some friends I’ve now had for 10 years and it started a love story that lasted 9 years and 3  months.

In honor of those 10 years, I’d like to dedicate @TwoDopeMoms DopeMusic Thursday to my favorite DJs – Red D & Martin Red.  We have all prepared mixes in celebration of our 10 year anniversary playing together.  All you readers, music lovers and house music fans are definitely in for a TREAT.

Christmas come early to your ears boys and girls!



Twitter:  @DJRedDBeligum



Sure, I could say that I was influenced by *insert credible genre of music here* or that I got my big break at *insert name of credible legendary but now closed club here*, but who really needs to know? Let’s just say that when playing some records, throwing the odd party and running a bit of a label, the following things might have been important in some way: DJ Hooligan, Music Man, Tina Turner, new beat, Boccaccio, rave, trance, Paul Van Dyk, Cherry Moon, Cirao, DJ Phi-Phi, high school party needing a dj, Nonkel Frans, tape trading, Love Parade, Fuse, Detroit, techno, Benoelie & Biens, Chicago, house, Cajual,Silo, Derrick Carter, Kinky People, Clues, Deinze, Decadance, internet, E-bay,Discogs, Rare Records in Eindhoven, Gangstarr, DEMF/Movement, Tyree Cooper, We Play House, Scott Ferguson, Reggie Dokes, Lady Linn, disco, Rendez-Fou, Sunday Matinee, Larry Heard, Charlatan, San Soda, Charles Webster, We Play House Recordings, Eenders Halle, Tomorrowland, FihP, Panorama Bar, copywriting & Music Mania.

All the rest you can ask me whilst having a beer together, or you could just come and listen when I play.
Kinky Top Mix – Red D





Martin has been into music from an early age, being the youngest of four brothers. Amongst the stronger influences; jazz, soul, funk, disco, hip hop, electro, new wave, punk, reggae.

He found House music when it first landed in the UK in the mid eighties. Rather than take through his music background, perhaps start from when he started working.

He started working as a DJ professionally in 1989; he was doing bars such as Notes Bar and 49ers in Birmingham. He also did a Saturday night dance show on a Pirate station. Fresh FM was ran by two parts of The Constructive Trio. These DJ’s formed a big part of the initial House scene that took off in the midlands, during the mid 80’s.

He started doing his first weekly club residency at The Hummingbird on A Friday night, he would play to a crowd of 2000 – 3000, along with other residents they also had great guests. This led to many all nighters and one off venues also. He continued doing Fridays and Saturday all dayers at Notes Bar.

Martin started organizing his own night in 1990; this was the first weekly nights at Shelleys in Longton, Stoke On Trent, UK. 28th June 1990, opening guest was Evil Eddie Richards (Jolly Roger). Other guests over time included Derrick May, Colin Dale, Dave Angel.

As the profile on a flyer from a Kinky People party in Belgium stated “judicial troubles.. nothing was going to stop this man easily his love of music was far too strong”

Worked in many clubs and cities over the past years. He has always remained into music over commercialism. Yet, still possessing a good eye for a venues atmosphere requirements.

Kinky People – Martin Red



Twitter:  @DJEfabulous




Bipedal primate with a neurosis for good music…

A native of the Chicago \”South Side”\ with skills groomed by the New York dance culture, DJ Efabulous dishes out serious cerebral blends. Her selection of Chicago Classics, New York Loft Classics, Afro beats and Electro music, shows that good music is universal. She brings a harmonious / utopian mix that is pleasing to one’s ear. Her residency list includes: Vinyl Lab Productions / Bar XVI; Classic Tuesdays / Parlay Lounge; Spotlight Sessions / Recess Bar; Foreplay Fridays / NOCA; Open Du Jour / Glass. Her guest appearances includes: Mixed Tape Sessions / Halcyon / New York; Kinky People / Belgium; Procreation Music / Liquid Lounge / Birmingham, England and Rocksteady & Floatation Music / Village / West Midlands, England, Selfridges / England. From Chicago, to New York to England to Houston… DJ Efabulous has traveled the world with her unique interpretation of dance music.

Kinky Fab – DJEfabulous



There you have it.. great dj(s), bound by one awesome party, lovers of good music for life and friends.  Life is good and it’s proof positive you never know who you will meet in life, where they are from and where just a chance meeting could take you.




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