Why I stopped checking in?


They say it takes 30 days to form a habit.

My old habit was Foursquare.  I love the concept. I liked the idea of checking in and getting a deal. However, I found myself more and more checking in, no deal … just my commentary. Not too bad – social media whore that I am … I was totally okay with that. Queue narcissistic laugh here.

Then one day, a woman checked in to my house and became mayor.


I’m the queen of this castle. I’m the head honcho in charge. Some freakish geek who’ve surpassed my own geekdom has been checking into my damn house because it’s on Foursquare and now she’s mayor. So this heifer was checking into my house, more than I was.


Was she part of the homeowner’s association? Hello.

Danger Will Robinson, Danger. It was then that I decided, I learned how to check in to Foursquare and now it’s time for me to learn out to drop it like a hot potato. I mean if I’m at a special event like Jesus playing air guitar on stage with the Black Sabbath reunion tour… I’M GOING TO CHECK INTO THAT EVENT, YOU BETCHA’. However, if it’s not that fabulous… you don’t need to know where I am and who’s screwed up my damn latte! You really don’t.

I love you Foursquare, you do have a purpose… but it’s been real.

~E (They screwed up my latte a few times but I forgave them) Fabulous1

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