Let’s talk about lipstick…

Source: youmustcreate.tumblr.com via Stephanie on Pinterest

Let’s talk about lipstick…

Hi @Efabulous1 here and I love lipstick. Bright corals, hot reds, mute nudes.  Lips are good and they should be shown off in the best of fashions.

However, I got to wondering what does our lipstick say about us.  When I was younger, if I was feeling “haute” I’d throw on the boldest of reds.  Red and coral against my skin tone create this exciting “pop of color”. When I’m feeling mom-ish, I throw on a nude brown  or beige, almost as if I’m hiding my sexy lips from the world.

So today, I leave you with this question…. WHAT DOES YOUR LIPSTICK COLOR CHOICE SAY ABOUT YOU?

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